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At Freedom Dental Care, we believe in providing the highest quality care to our patients. While our appointment slots may be in high demand, we see the wait as an opportunity for you to join a community that values your dental health. Rest assured, our team is diligently working to accommodate your needs, and in the meantime, we kindly request your understanding and commitment to not cancelling appointments. This helps us maintain a smooth and efficient schedule, ensuring that all our patients receive the exceptional dental care they deserve. We look forward to welcoming you as a patient, and we're confident that your patience will be rewarded with a healthier, happier smile.

Appointment Requests Guidance

Please request appointments with the following expectations:

  • New Patient 10+ years old - request 7+ months from today

  • New Patient under 10 years old - request 10+ months from today

  • Current patient exam/cleaning - please schedule with Hygienists prior to leaving practice. Requests made today are 6-7 months​

  • Consultation - select prefered dates; expect a call back

  • Previously Discussed Treatment - select prefered dates; expect a call back

  • Sooner if possible requests can be noted in the "notes to doctor" field or in conversation with our Front Desk team.​​

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