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Dental Assistant's Recognition Week, 2023

IT'S DENTAL ASSISTANT'S RECOGNITION WEEK, and we thought you might find it interesting to learn about the profession and our three amazing assistants!

How did you first get interested in being a Dental Assistant?

Danielle - "I have always had a interest in teeth, my roommate at the time (Rachel) is a dental hygienist and she mentioned they were hiring so I figured I would give it a shot."

Jennifer - "I needed a career change and a friend suggested I try dental assisting out."

Kelsey - "I have my Bachelors in Graphic design and after I graduated I realized that's not what I wanted to do. My parents actually informed me that there was going to be an open house for dental assisting. So I went and thought it would a good idea to get into the healthcare field. And I'm so glad I did, even helping Dr B open the practice back in 2012!"

What is the most rewarding part of being a Dental Assistant?

Danielle - "Seeing people come in with something they want to fix about their smile and being able to help in the progress of a more confident smile. Also building relationships with our our patients and making this a place they want to be."

Jennifer - "I am able to help restore their beautiful smiles!"

Kelsey - "Changing patients perspective of the dentist/Dental office. I want patients to feel comfortable and at ease when coming to see us. They might come in with some anxiety/fear, but I want to turn that feeling around, and when they leave our office they feel good and in a better state about coming to see the dentist."

Kelsey and Jennifer are EXPANDED FUNCTIONS Dental Assistants; How does earning an Expanded Functions Dental Assisting degree impact what you can do?

Jennifer - "I am able to be even more useful to the doctors by using my new skills with only general supervision freeing them up to do other things. "

Kelsey - "I can assist the dentist more, but separately. Free up some of the doctor's time to see other patients, while I make temporary crowns/bridges, take final impressions, etc. "

Without grossing anyone out, what is the coolest or most memorable experience you have had as an Assistant?

Danielle - "We had a patient who was born without a front tooth and being able to finally restore it and seeing their reaction to having a front tooth. Made us all tear up."

Jennifer - "There have been so many memories. I have helped give someone a brand new smile with an anterior restoration. Calmed frightened children at their first dental experience and had them leave with a smile. Given an elderly person new dentures so they can enjoy a regular meal and smile with confidence once again. It is a very rewarding career. "

Kelsey - "When I was a new DA, a kid came in with an emergency when we were about to close. They got hit in the face with a baseball. Their 2 front teeth were pushed back and Dr B had to place them back in. Still weirds me out thinking about it."

If our readers are interested in learning more about being a dental assistant, we recommend visiting the American Dental Association's page about dental careers. Also, for our high schoolers, the Carroll County Career and Tech Center has a Dental Assisting program, that we are happy to host interns from. In addition, you can go to Carroll Community College to gain the necessary skills to join our profession.


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