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Get To Know Your Dental Assistant, Kelsey

Kelsey smiling in green
We're happy to have Kelsey back at Freedom Dental Care! (2022)

WE RECENTLY ASKED Kelsey a few questions to help you get to know her a bit better. Here are her answers – thought you’d find them interesting!!

How did you decide to get into dentistry?

I have my Bachelors in Graphic design and after I graduated I realized that's not what I wanted to do. My parents actually informed me that there was going to be an open house for dental assisting. So I went and thought it would a good idea to get into the healthcare field. And I'm so glad I did, even helping Dr B open the practice back in 2012!

Dr. Burchett and Kelsey dentistry from the heart in 2013
Dr. B and Kelsey in early 2013, supporting Dentistry From The Heart

Where did you go to school?

I went to Carroll Community College and Towson University.

What is your favorite cuisine?

Italian and Chinese. Carbs ❤️

What is your favorite book or movie genre?

Comedy and Murder Mystery/Whodunit

What is a special talent you have?

I can move objects with my mind... Lol JK. I'm pretty artsy, and lately I've been painting pet portraits.

What advice can you provide those that are hesitant about going to the dentist?

If you don't take care of your oral health it can affect your overall health negatively with infections and gum disease, and you definitely don't want any of those!

Do you have any pets or a cool hobby you look forward to when you get home from work?

My husband and I have 2 dogs; a German shepherd and a German shepherd mix, Loki and Fenrir. They are so silly and adorable. I love them so much!

Kelsey in 2014 holding a wreath
2014 Holiday Wreath Festival for Carroll Arts Center


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