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Get To Know Your Dental Hygienist, Kate

WE RECENTLY ASKED KATELYN a few questions to help you get to know her a bit better. Here are her answers – thought you’d find them interesting!!

Is there a special meaning or story behind why you were named Katelyn?

Katelyn, it’s spelled that way because my mom saw it on Wheel of Fortune and liked that it was a different spelling.

How did you decide to get into dentistry?

My pediatric dental hygienist would talk to me about her job and ever since then I was interested!

Where did you go to school?

I went to Littlestown High School in PA then went to Pennsylvania College of Technology in Williamsport PA for my dental hygiene degree.

What is your favorite cuisine?

Definitely Italian or Mexican, I just like that there is a variety of different foods to choose from.

What is your favorite book or movie genre?


What advice can you provide those that are hesitant about going to the dentist?

We understand that you may have had bad experiences in the past however you will be in really good hands with us. Also, that it is very important to come to your preventative appointments so you can avoid restorative appointments from being needed in the future.

Do you have any pets or a cool hobby you look forward to when you get home from work?

I have 2 dogs, a 1 year old Australian shepherd and a 2 year old mixed shepherd. I also enjoy working out so I looked forward to going to the gym outside of work!


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