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Precautions During the Pandemic and Looking Forward

Dr. Burchett with PPE and N95 fit tested mask
Dr. Burchett with PPE, including her N95 fit tested mask; 2021

We have always taken precautions to protect you, your family, and ourselves.

With the continuing Covid-19 pandemic we continue to strive to ensure the safety and health of all of our guests. In addition to the general universal precautions we always have taken such as masking, handwashing, and sterilization, we have invested in a variety of additional measures to keep all guests happy and healthy while in our care.

As the pandemic public health emergency end approaches we continue to monitor the local data.

While monitoring the local data, we are prepared to implement additional precautions as needed. The latest Covid-19 info can be found on the cdc website or right here.

A few additional safety precautions we have put in place when necessary include:
  • Fit-tested N95 masks

  • HEPA filters throughout the office

  • Acrylic barriers at the reception area

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Social distancing measures

  • Hand sanitizing

  • Temperature checks

  • Symptom check questionnaires for upcoming appointments

  • Enhanced electronic communication procedures

  • Investments in new technologies that reduce visit times

In addition to these steps, we continue to review the guidance set forth by the CDC.

The Centers for Disease Control provides updated information to the public and specifically the healthcare community since before Covid-19 was a pandemic. We have always referred to them for guidance on how to protect ourselves and our guests. As we continue to focus on providing exceptional dental care in a comfortable and caring setting, we do so by putting our best foot forward every day and welcoming you into a safe and healthy environment. You can review more about the CDC's infection control guidance on their website.

Our commitment to delivering state of the art dental care in a comfortable and caring atmosphere is enhanced by our professional health and safety protocols.

No matter what direction this pandemic takes, we will be at the forefront of health and safety for you and our staff. If you have any concerns about your visit, we always welcome feedback and are open to doing what it takes to satisfy our guests. We look forward to caring for you and your loved ones for years to come.

Covid-19 CDC image
Covid-19 CDC image


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